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credit card line
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Calls cost $3.96/min inc GST, higher rate calls from payphones and mobile phones. Calls may be recorded, Provided by Help? 1800 050 829
David is a multi gifted Psychic working as a Psychic Medium and Tarot card reader for up to 30 years, honesty and direct is Davids style, he connects immediately with his clients and is comfortable answering specific questions relating to love, relationships, career, house moves and ...

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Harness Your Sign`s Superpower
by Naomi Otley
What`s your sign`s psychic superpower? Intuition, sexiness, patience, confidence? Read on and get busy saving the world


Life in the modern age is fast-moving and unpredictable. Those who get stuck in their own expectations often lose out. As a Rat, you can adapt to any situation with the greatest of ease. Your superpower is finding opportunity in change.


Patience and focus may not seem like superpowers, but in an age of distractions, these qualities enable you to perform fantastic feats. Where other might waiver and procrastinate, you tow the line and deliver results.


Anyone can blend into a crowd, but how many people have the power to really stand out? As a Tiger, your ability to project confidence—even in tricky situations—makes it impossible for others to ignore you. This gives you a super advantage in everything from business to attracting love.


A good memory goes a long way but a great memory is a superpower. Recalling someone`s name can lead to a business deal. Sending a birthday card on time brings good vibes back to you. Passing an important exam moves you up the food chain! These are just a few ways in which your superpower can be put to use.


Some people regret not taking more risks in life—but not many of these people are Dragons! Your superpower is a willingness to face challenges and break through walls. Where others get caught up in thinking, you act.


A strong sixth sense can further just about any goal, and solve just about any problem. Your super-powered intuition gives you a direct line to unseen forces, enabling you to sense the best course of action.


The world can be such a serious place—that`s why your superpower is so important! An impeccably timed joke, or a simple calming gesture, sets those around you at ease. The rewards of having this uncanny ability are more than meets the eye.


One of the reasons why meditation is so popular today is that people want a piece of your superpower: The ability to remain calm and centered. Such a power cannot be underestimated, especially in these fast-moving times.


In an age where change is lightening fast, it pays to have a quicksilver mind. Your superpower is mental agility. It keeps you young, inspires you to learn new things, and attracts influential people into your sphere.


No matter what you do for a living, or what you look like, others admire you. That`s because you respect and believe in yourself. This is truly a superpower, because when you believe in yourself, the world follows suit!


Your superpower, the ability to inspire trust and confidence in others, may not sound as exciting as the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But the more people trust you, the more you advance in life. It`s as plain and simple as that.


Taking things personally is a huge problem for most people. That`s why your thick skin is a superpower. When the trash-talking starts, you hardly bat a lash. When you fail at something, you get right up and try again. If there ever was a recipe for success, this is it!

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