Follow Your Guiding Stars and Sparkle

Observing the relationship between the soul and the stars has been vital to cosmology for thousands of years, from the ancient Egyptians to the Babylonians to the ancient Greeks.

John Gribbin, a fellow in Astronomy at the University of Sussex and of course the lovely Brian Cox, insists that life begins with the process of star

formation and that we are made of stardust. Jung announced that our psyche has been built to harmonise with the structure of the Universe.

So all we need to do is a spot of research and investigation and find our very own guiding star...


About three billion twinkling stars are in the night sky right now. When you gaze up into the velvet night illuminated with sparkling stars, have you ever concentrated on the patterns and shapes that those stars create? Consider these glittering formations for a moment and ask yourself what they remind you of.


While once the stars were used for navigation to guide the ancients from place to place and for prehistoric farmers to inform them when to plant and harvest their crops, today the constellations allow us to follow the many sparkling stars in the sky.

The luminous points can help us locate specific heavenly bodies that then enable further stars, planets, comets, and meteors to be located in the galaxy.

However, each of these intriguing constellations tells a story, and each star within these glittering stories holds its own special resonance which we can tap into to help make our dreams a reality.


Find a star that resonates with you. You can do this by reading the list to follow, or by meditating on the night sky and finding a star that sparkles to you and then researching which star it is. Wish upon your star to usher its magical energies into your life to help you achieve your dreams. Here are some of the main stars that you might come across in the night sky...


Wish for wealth and fame;

When you gaze up into the inky black sky, that shimmering bright star that hangs low in the sky, the one that attracts your eye the most, is Sirius, it twinkles and even changes colour! It outshines the other stars and is sometimes called the Doc Star. It is considered to be quite close to Earth, accounting for its brightness, at only eight or

so light years away. A light year is the distance travelled by a beam of light in one year. You may find that you are drawn to Sirius when stargazing as it is one of the most charismatic in the night sky. Wishing upon this auspicious star, that has been known since ancient times, may bring about a change in your life.

The ancient Egyptian god Osiris, whom Sirius may have symbolised, was a deity of life, fertility, and rebirth, so you can call on him when wishing upon Sirius to help you manifest the change in your reality that you have been yearning for.

Sirius has been worshipped in many cultures and has been a symbol for the changing of the seasons and even a forecaster of dramatic events.The easiest star to see in the night sky, wishing on Sirius could bring you wealth and even fame!


Sirius is easy to see; if you follow aline from the belt stars of Orion to the left and slightly down, you can't fail to miss its dazzle.


Wish for protection;

Another relatively close star at only 25 light years from Earth is Vega. This is one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's district. It offers protection against evil spirits.

Many of us will recognise the Plough, also known as Ursa Major, as this constellation is sighted all year round. To locate Vega, look south of Ursa Major and search for the bright star close to the horizon.



Wish for determination;

The next brightest star that is visible from our hemisphere is Arcturus in Bootes. It is believed to be one of the first stars named by ancient observers and is 36.7 light years from Earth.

According to astrologers, the influence of Arcturus may give riches and prosperity, strong desires, and determination. Follow Ursa Major's tail to seek out Arcturus in Bootes.



Wish for prosperity in your career;

You know how to locate Arcturus in Bootes, so gaze at Mufrid, a pale-yellow star on the left leg of the Herdsman, near to Arcturus.If you do so and wish as you stare, you may find prosperity and success at work.


Wish for confidence;

A bright star called Capella shimmers in the UK hemisphere and has a magnitude of 0.08 in the constellation Auriga. The star may give self-confidence, wealth, and a thirst for knowledge according to the ancients.

To find Capella, look for the star at the very bottom of the sky on the left, just below Orion's belt and follow a line above your head.


Wish for happiness

An extremely hot star, much hotter than the Sun, is Rigel, from the constellation Orion 'the Hunter' and is about 773 light years from Earth. Its influences include honour, happiness, glory, and benevolence.

Rigal is located in one of the most familiar constellations to us, Orion (The Hunter). The top left star in Orion is Betel a giant red star which is the right shoulder of Orion. The bottom right star is Rigel and Orion's right foot. You can also see three that symbolise Orion's belt and three below create his sword.


In Greek mythology, Orion offended the gods. Apollo tricked Artemis into shooting Orion on a bet. She lifted him to the heavens and made him immortal, where he now hunts forever with his two dogs, Canis Major, and Canis Minor. In front of him is his prey Taurus the Bull. If you wish on the star Elnath in this constellation, it could bring you good luck, fortune, and success.


Wish for wealth;

The sixth brightest star visible in our northern hemisphere is Procyon and belongs to the constellation Canis Minor the Small Dog and is one of our nearest stars at only 11.4 light years away. Wishing on this star may lead to wealth, good fortune, popularity, and fame.


Procyon can be found if you simply follow the shoulder star Betelgeuse of Orion to the left and it is the first bright star you see.



Wish for glory;

Seven stars that were named after the sisters in Greek mythology are easy to spot, too. Look out for Alcyone which is the central, brightest star in the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, that beautiful cluster of bright stars that have an almost bluish tinge. Wishing on this star could bring you ambition and glory!


Star gazing

Now that we are aware of some stars and constellations in our galaxy, we need to indulge in a spot of star gazing. Did you know that every star you see is bigger and brighter than our Sun?

Galileo first directed his telescope to the skies over 400 years ago, but you don't need specialised equipment to scrutinise the heavenly bodies. You may invest in a planisphere which is a circular chart that rotates to display the stars and constellations at certain times, from certain latitudes and you may use binoculars. Neither is essential. A dark sky, however, is. The darker the better which means as late as possible. You might want to save this for your New Year's Eve celebrations, and can make a wish at midnight on the star of your choice to pave the way for a prosperous and happy 2023.


When you gaze up into the night sky, you are actually seeing the stars in a different time as it depends on how long it's taken the light from them to reach us. So to look up is to look back in time...

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