Healing Animals

Healing animalsOur feathered, feline and otherwise furry friends are both in need of our care and are at the same time able to contribute to our own personal well being. The intimate relationship between pet and owner is a merging of two differing species and cannot be but wondered at. The joy of bird song can uplift the heart and to see the young of any animal raises a caring quality in our hearts and brings out the “ah”factor in most. We do not inhabit this planet as supreme beings bu tare one of the many co-habitors who strive to learn from animals and husband them and their habitat.

Healing without faith

In a bid to retain our energy balance and our good health we find a hidden peace and solace can come our way when we interact with animals. Animals lend a helping paw to our well being and many a dog and cat are taken into older people’s retirement homes to help reduce stress and bring a comfort to those that pat and pet them.Walking a dog, riding a horse or grooming a cat all help to unwind us. Cats have been known to lie on those in need of healing correcting their energy balance. Swimming with dolphins has bought amazing results to autistic children.

Energy blueprint

As we raise our spiritual awareness we realise it is our responsibility to tend to the creatures of the world, whether that be caring for their environment building animal friendly zoos for protecting and reintroducing threatened species back into the wild. We may lay on healing hands, use flower essences or apply crystal healing to aid a sickened animal but we acknowledge that we must see these as complimentary and not alternative. Veterinary practices are never busier and are now awakening to a merging of traditional medicine and holistic practices.

Mental,emotional and physical well-being

Today the gift which animals can bring into our world is extending as we realise that they can smell and detect illness in its early stages and warn of impending epileptic seizures. To have a guardian animal of this kind can be the difference between life and death for many.

Images of animals have been used in cave paintings to empower the hunter.Today spiritually minded people use the qualities of animals to enhance their world in a similar way. Many have a guardian animal or totem friend who acts as a spirit guide or guardian.

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