Life is For Living and Enjoying

What is your challenge which might be stopping you from enjoying your life?

Recently widowed I cried a lot thinking I would never experience joy again. The parting from my partner felt so final and I felt so alone. With two children to raise on my own, I didn’t know how I would cope.

But as they say, if you haven’t felt cold how do you know hot. I really felt in a dark place but I wanted to find a better, lighter place for my children and me.

After many sleepless nights lying in the dark wondering what would become of me, I finally stumbled on going within. I didn’t find more chaos and pain but a feeling of calmness, love and guidance.

From my darkness, I had found light.

I had finally met my soul.

He had always been with me but I hadn’t recognised him. Nor did I know how to speak to him.

My soul taught me how to communicate with him for both love and guidance. I didn’t need to feel alone. You can feel loved and nurtured in the challenges of life. It is the reality of life and is available to each of you.

Have you met your soul?

You don’t need to go through the extremes of life to meet your soul. Let me share with you how you go about it.

Each of us are born into a body which has intuition. Some people call it their ‘gut reaction’. It’s that feeling you get in the region of your heart which alerts you to challenging people or situations.

Intuition is like a radio receiver and sender.

It enables you to send and receive messages from your soul. You have the mechanism within you to talk to your soul: how do you operate it? There are 3 simple steps;

  • In a quiet place, close your eyes and take your consciousness to your heart.
  • Breathe three deep breaths into your heart.
  • Ask a simple question for guidance with your life.

It is as simple as that…..

Now you need to be patient to wait for your answer, however it may choose to arrive. Rarely do you receive an answer as words in your head. Be alert to whatever jumps out at you as you go about your daily life. It might be a bill board with some meaningful words for you or perhaps a song on the radio suddenly takes on a meaning for you. Messages can also arrive as a ‘knowing’ of what is the right thing to do. Or perhaps a memory or a person comes to mind which helps you with your challenge.

Not sure if you have heard your message correctly?

Repeat on another day the same three steps and wait to see if the same answer arrives. It might arrive in a different way; but if the message is essentially the same, you have got it right.

What do I do if I get a horrible, critical voice answering my question?

This is not your soul but your ego. Your ego has been in control of your life since you were born and is not too happy when you start to turn to your soul for love and guidance. If your ego replies, just stop the three steps and tell your ego you are not interested in its comments.

Try again another day making sure you are in a calm place without fear of interruptions and can get to that calm place inside.

Your guidance will bring you a life full of joy.

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